Cheddar Text

Cheddar tasks support the span-level parts of Markdown as well as some extras.


You can add hashtags just like you can on Twitter. Say you have a shopping list. You could tag each item with the store you're going to buy it at.

Buy a new rug at #ikea

Get Dr. Pepper at #target

You can make a link by simply typing a URL.

Check out

You can also make links using Markdown.

Read our blog

Learn Ruby

Get invited to


Make something italic by surrounding it with `*` (asterisk) or `_` (underscore).

Read Steve Jobs

Listen to Empire! Empire!


Make something bold by surrounding it with `**` (two asterisks) or `__` (two underscores).

Make it really awesome

Something accurate for Chapter 1

Bold Italic

Make something bold italic by surrounding it with `***` (three asterisks) or `___` (three underscores).

Never say never

Go camping soon


To strikethrough text, surround it with ~~ (two tildes).

Find a good great restaurant


For the nerds, you can reference code by surrounding it by a ` (back-tick).

Change the links to #0881b3


You can simply type Emoji on iOS or Mac. Typing their name surround with : (colon) like on Campfire, GitHub, and others works too. Here's the full list of Emoji names. Currently only Safari and Cheddar for iOS support displaying Emoji. Hopefully other browsers will add support soon.

Who still uses 📼

Copy pictures off 📷